About Us

Voices of Colour was established with a vision of empowering underrepresented female changemakers who are unafraid to voice their vision for a better world, support them to have agency to transform their communities, and aid their personal development journey.

We began our journey in May 2020, as we realised that there was a lack of a safe space and platform for young women to talk about issues that impact them within their communities and also being impacted by the pandemic.

Forward Future Programme

Our flagship programme, Forward Future is a transformative digital skills and social justice programme for women from ethnically diverse backgrounds. We provide them with the platform and necessary tools to make a meaningful change within their communities on a social justice issue, along with gaining both digital and soft skills to support them to reach their aspirations.

We run a mentoring programme as part of this, as we believe that it is vital for the women we support to have exposure to role models from a similar cultural background.

If you’d like to receive more information about this, please feel to get in touch with us – hello@voicesofcolour.org


There continues to be a lack of role models for young women of colour, which has a huge impact on their aspirations and their career pathway journey.

We have designed this programme with both young people and organisations to ensure that the experience is as impactful as possible for both the mentor and mentee.

The mentoring programme aims to provide young women with an insight into the world of work by being paired with inspirational women from different sectors who will be supporting their personal development journey.

Co-creation workshops

We run ‘Leading Change’ co-creation sessions to understand how best to build a culture, space and environment that is truly representative and inclusive. We invite groups of young people whose voices have traditionally not been part of the conversation to bring about change within a set environment to share their thoughts in a respectful space. Our workshops are interactive and use creative techniques to encourage reflection on experiences of diversity, inclusion and equity. Each session and programme is tailored to the group we support

We have worked in the past with…

Housing Associations


Community Organisations


Hear from some of our amazing changemakers and recent cohort:


‘During the programme, our team worked on creating a campaign around mental health taboos which has been really important to understand how we involve the community to help bring about change around the topic.’


‘During my time on the programme with VOC, I’ve been able to learn key skills and develop myself. I think it’s so important that young female voices of colour are heard as there are not many platforms that provide that safe space.


‘VOC has helped me to gain confidence in myself and has helped improve my communication skills when I’ve presented with my team. It’s important for people of colour to be heard and to play a key role in decision-making

Our Partners